Examination Gloves Cartoning Machine

End-load cartoners are packaging machines that automatically erect a carton, fill it with goods and seal it. PEEPL End Load Cartoner was designed to meet our customer’s needs for future-proof sanitary construction and ease of use and maintenance. There is high visibility and easy access to all moving parts. The end load cartoners are widely used in the FMCG, frozen foods, refrigerated/prepared foods, bakery, snack, confectionery, medical disposables like nitrile gloves, examination gloves etc.


PEEPL Auto Cartoner delivers maximum labour saving, superior line efficiency and higher line speeds on a range of products. This machine can run a wide range of different sizes and products on the same machine and is best suited to higher volume production requirements. The Auto Cartoner can be coupled with one of our standard range of infeed transfer systems to fully automate the collation and delivery of different types of products directly from the line and into the machine infeed.


The optional attachments of the machine includes hot-melt glueing system, online inkjet printer etc

Encartoning Machine

  •   Ready Stock Available (Basic Models)
  •   Fully Customizable
  •   30 to 45 days Making Time
  •   Value for money
  •   Worldwide Delivery
  •   24/7 Support
  •   Spares availability
  •   Training