Surgical Glove Outer Pouch Packaging Machine / Platen Sealing Machine / 4 Side Sealing Machine - Double Line : HTS 101

PEEPL Automation offers a range of thermo seal packaging machines and its accessories.


These machines shall cover different range of mould area, hence variable capacities, to meet your expectation. It is a perfect solution for fully automatic packaging solution for food, medical, pharmaceutical products.  It is suitable for medical products such as surgical glove, sutures, plasters, gauzes etc.

Pouch Packing Machine Models

HTS - 101

  • Type – 4 side heat sealing
  • Number of Tracks – 2
  • Top reel – Printed poly coated paper
  • Bottom reel – Bactite/grid lacker paper
  • Speed – 55 to 60 Pouches/minute
  • Power consumption – 3.5 KW
  • Motor Power – 2 HP
  • Control type – HMI integrated PLC
  •   Ready Stock Available (Basic Models)
  •   Fully Customizable
  •   30 to 45 days Making Time
  •   Value for money
  •   Worldwide Delivery
  •   24/7 Support
  •   Spares availability
  •   Training
  •  Fully automatic feeding
  •  Fast operation
  •  Easy to install
  •  Less complexity
  •  Low power consumption

HTS 101 is a advanced packing machine for surgical gloves outer pouch packaging application. It is integrated with PLC and touch screen HMI. The machine is completely made of Aluminum frames and stainless steel parts so that it is completely compatible with clean room standards.

  • Speed - 60 pouches per minute
  • Compatible with cut open and peel open type pouches
  • Sealing pressure and strength adjustment
  • Batch coder attachment


  • Surgical gauze swab packing
  • Sutures packing
  • Swab packing
  • Mask packing

Other Applications