Industrial Press

PEEPL designs and manufactures customized industrial presses as per the requirements of our customers  to create, form or assemble a product. These presses are seemlessly integrated with our standard infeed and output transfer solutions for high output, labour savings and consistency.


Pneumatic Presses

These assembly processing machines utilize compressed air as their power source. The maximum force is relatively low and is determined by the cylinder bore size and the pressure of the regulated air source. The press force is consistent throughout the entire ram stroke and cannot be adjusted mid-stroke by the operator. Advantages of the pneumatic press type are its higher speed, relatively low total cost and reduced operator fatigue. 

Hydraulic Presses

This type of industrial machine utilizes plant electricity, a hydraulic power unit and a hydraulic cylinder to move the press ram.Unlike an air/oil press, the press force is consistent throughout the entire stroke range. Ram speed is limited by the flow and oil volume restrictions of the hydraulic power package and circuit.

Hydro-Pneumatic Presses

They are powered by compressed air; however, the addition of hydraulic oil into the control circuit enhances the capabilities of this press type. Packaged air/oil cylinders often advance the majority of their stroke with low force, and, after contacting the workpiece, they utilize internal fluid passages to automatically shift over to their full-force power stroke.