Complete Solution Provider for Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry

  •   Ready Stock Available (Basic Models)
  •   Fully Customizable
  •   30 to 45 days Making Time
  •   Value for money
  •   Worldwide Delivery
  •   24/7 Support
  •   Spares availability
  •   Training

Why PEEPL Automation ?

PEEPL Automation provides medical and pharmaceutical solutions with most hygienic and fast production. The need for process optimization, regulatory compliance, and improvements in the supply chain are driving automation technologies across the pharmaceutical industry and PEEPL automation is ideally poised to meet the high standards of the industry.

  •  Improved Production Rate
  •  Reduced Manpower
  •  Improved Quality
  •  Scalability
  •  Predictable outputs
  •  More Hygienic 
  •  Reduced Production Cost
  •  Regulatory Compliance
gallery/gea medical packaging appl overview_tcm11-22619
  •  Gauze swab packing machine
  •  PPE/Gowns packaging machine
  •  Masks packaging machine
  •  Sutures packing machine
  •  Vacuum packing machine
  •  Syringes packaging machine
  •  Sealing, Wrapping, Coding, Capping and Filling
  •  Surgical sponge/ spatula packaging machine
  •  Adhesives and sealants packaging machine
  •  Hemodialysis filters packaging machine  
  •  Phleboclysis/IV bags packaging machine
  •  Mono-dose applicators packaging machine  

 PEEPL Automation is having the entire machinery to support surgical glove manufacturing line. It includes stripping the gloves from the formers (Auto stripping mechanism), Glove pin hole detection and visual testing machine, Automatic walleting machine, Manual walleting machine, wallet paper printing machine, wallet paper folding machine and Semi/fully automatic glove pouch packing machines.


 PEEPL Automation also provide customized machines according to the special requirements of its customers. PEEPL is having a high qualified engineering team to provide customized solutions. 

PEEPL Automation is one of the renowned custom machinery brands in India. 


We Support your industry's unique operational, regulatory and financial requirements with customized automation technology. Unlike other automation companies and machine manufactures, our solutions are not restricted to a particular industry or technology. We adopt and integrate various technologies to meet your requirements and considering all the limitations.


We are unique in the pharmaceutical machinery and medical device industry. As designers and builders of standard and customized machines and equipment, we are focused on helping companies procure innovative solutions that are best-in-class, robust, high performing and compliant to meet the strict industrial standards in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries.

  •  All Purpose Blister packaging machine
  •  Medical gloves packaging machine
  •  Needles packaging machine
  •  Staples packaging machine
  •  Catheters packaging machine  
  •  Calibration liquids packaging machine