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Prototype development is an important process for developing and creating a successful product. Creating profitable and economically viable production solutions in a competitive global market environment is a challenging task. To stay competitive, a manufacturer needs high quality and affordable machines that help customers attain their needs and requirements. A successful company needs to build a range of good value products with excellent speed, accuracy and consistency. Therefore, it is paramount that the critical tasks in the production-definition phase are performed accurately.


Production definition phase is not about defining a product, but actually developing activities that deal with many critical product attributes. In other words, concurrent engineering of the various stages from the initial stage of obtaining customer requirements, problem statement, conceptual design, assembly design, construction design, product prototyping for concept validation, etc. , It is important to validate the design by developing several prototypes. As a manufacturer, it is important to consider prototype development as an expensive and time consuming enterprise.

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CORE COMPENTENCIES:  , Parts Design and Fabrication  , Implementation of Rapid Prototyping or low-investment equipment for testing opportunities  , Design capabilities with extensive development experience  , Flexibility to meet the needs of the client and therefore, react more quickly to modifications and changes ,  ,  Enter your text here

Prototype construction

Prototype construction is called prototype development. Prototype is the first product to be based on an original idea. During the fabrication process, tools such as jigs, dice, and fixtures are not designed for mass production. Prototype construction, as mentioned earlier, is a time-consuming process for each of its stages, as in the first trial, because there is no pre-fabricated technology or process. In addition, engineers are required to handle errors, trials, and errors throughout the construction process.

In the construction industry, engineering companies take prototype development as a business contract and equip all the equipment needed to complete the project.


Quick prototyping

Various industries use the term rapid prototyping to refer to the rapidly evolving process before the final release of a product. Software engineers often use this term to describe the process of developing software solutions step by step so that participants in the development process can provide their feedback.

Although all industrial prototypes are developed for clients, these prototypes are often not sold by these clients. Instead, they are commissioned to study the dynamics of the newly created solution. They are thoroughly tested to determine performance against established features. These prototypes are used by engineers to detect changes that can enhance the overall quality of the product.

PEEPL Automation is an automation engineering company providing low cost prototype development services to various industries in India. We focus on designing and building highly practical and cost-effective machines. You can contact us to learn more about our process and how to improve the efficiency of your production processes.