Surgical Glove Full Walleting Machine

PEEPL Automation's high speed Medical glove inner wallet packing machine is equipped with advanced servo based control system.The raw material for the machine is blank paper roll. Our machine is able to produce different wallet sizes and designs. This machine is able to produce inner wallets up to 8 numbers of folding. The machine can be attached with inline printing system and glove loading system.

  •   Ready Stock Available (Basic Models)
  •   Fully Customizable
  •   30 to 45 days Making Time
  •   Value for money
  •   Worldwide Delivery
  •   24/7 Support
  •   Spares availability
  •  Training








  •  High speed output with continuous operation.
  •  Modular design makes it easy to integrate with other systems.
  •  Large touch screen HMI with powerful and rugged PLC system.
  •  High cutting accuracy.
  •  Online printing support.
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