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Weighfeeder- Conveyor


PEEPL Automation's high accurate weigh Feeders are specially designed to do a continuous weighing on flowing  materials and controlling of material feeding rate as per desired set point which we set on our machine.There are  two single Point Load cells model and four single point load cells model. 

The microcontroller based weigh feeder controller receives the weight in terms of kg/m from Load transmitter and speed in terms of pulses/min from optical encoder.

Highly accurate

Screw Weighfeeder



Screw WEIGH Feeders do a continuous weighing and controlled feeding of bulk material to next process as per desired set point. The screw feeder receives material from pre-feeder i.e. in this case Rotary Airlock Valve. Two ‘S’ type Load cells of required capacity are installed below screw Weigh feeder.

Set point TPH and start command can be given from the 2 locations (i.e. Screw Weigh feeder Panel & Master PLC) 


Ready Stock Available in Basic Models

Complete custom made

Advanced control system

Custom Industrial Automation Solution