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PEEPL Automation is a provider of industrial automation solutions to a wide spectrum of industries.


We are building technologies for the upliftment of mankind using all the possibilities of human intellect. We make the cheapest but technically superior products using the technologies available to date in the right way. When we make a product, we focus on making it technically superior to the products available in the market today. We build each product by thinking on the customer's side and understanding what they really want.


We are renowned for providing unique solutions for the most challenging automation requirements and are highly relied upon for our design capability, high manufacturing standards, and service excellence. We are always at the forefront of technology adoption and our product range is continuously evolving to ensure that our customers have the best solutions in terms of advanced features.


We are a group of well-experienced and qualified professionals committed to supporting you to achieve your goals by reducing Investments, Manpower, Wastage, and Time.

 R & D Services

⚙ Medical & Pharmaceutical Sector


⚙ Material Handling Solutions


⚙ Agro Pharm Sector


⚙ Chemical Processing


⚙ Coal Handling 


⚙ Steel Plant 


⚙ Food & Beverage Sector


⚙ Aero-Space Sector


⚙ Defence Sector


  • Surgical Glove Outer Pouch Packing Machines

  • Surgical Glove Inner Walleting Machines

  • Glove Inspection Machine

  • Glove Stripping Machine

  • Glove Inspection Table

  • Glove Line ERP Integration

  • 4 Side Thermo Sealing Machine

  • Flow Wrap Machine

  • Suture Packing Machine

  • Gauze Packing Machine

  • Sterile Packing Machines

  • Blister Packing Machines

  • Swab Packing machines

  • Syringe Packing machines

  • Belt Conveyors

  • Screw Conveyors

  • Weigh feeders

  • Vibro Feeders

  • RALV(Rotary Air Lock Valve)

  • Bucket elevators

  • Pocket Conveyors

  • Pneumatic Conveyors

  • Silo/Hopper/Tank Weighing

  • Belt Weigher

  • Check Weighers

  • Batching System

  • Crane Weighing System

  • Weigh Bridges

  • Pick and Place systems

  • Automated storage and warehousing

  • Baggage Handling System

  • Palletizing systems

  • Cartoning Machine

  • Wrapping Machine

  • Automated Parking

  • Control Valves

  • Field Instrumentation

  • Cabling

  • Termination & Loop checking

  • Control System Design

  • Electrical & Control Panel

  • PLC & HMI Programming Solutions

  • SCADA Solutions

  • Machine Automation

  • Custom Robots

  • Vacuum Grippers

  • Pneumatic Grippers

  • Servo Systems

  • Robotic Programming

  • Robot Parts

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Special Purpose Machines

  •  100% Customizable
  •   Multi-Domain Integration

Design Services

  •  2D & 3D Designing
  •  3D Printing
  •  Process Simulation
  •  Prototype Development
  •  Process Automation Consultation​
  •  Product Development
  •  Process Optimization
  •  Component Development